Road House Athens GA


Monday: 2pm-2am
Tuesday: 2pm-2am
Wednesday: 2pm-2am
Thursday: 2pm-2am
Friday: 2pm-2am
Saturday: 2pm-2am
Sunday: Closed

Road House

Road House Athens GA

The Road House Bar Rocks the Night Away in Athens, Georgia

The vibrant college town of Athens, Georgia is home to a lively bustling nightlife that’s known for a rich musical heritage that gave rise to the famous bands R.E.M and the B-52s. Music is king in this historic “classic city” and The Road House is the ultimate go-to spot for live music and a Rock ‘n’ Roll good time.

The Road House, located in the heart of the downtown music scene, takes pride in its status, as “almost a cut above your average dive bar.” Locals and students flock to this friendly hot spot to party and dance the night away to the pulsating sounds of R&B, Southern Rock and a variety of national acts. This independent family owned honky-tonk, where the music is loud and the drinks are always flowing, boasts that it’s been “serving hangovers since 1991.”

The Road House’s casual watering hole atmosphere is the perfect setting to imbibe shots and ice-cold pitchers of beer with one hundred of your closest friends. It offers budget-friendly spirits, such as pitchers of Natty Light, High Life in bottles, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Happy Hour at The Road House is always a lively affair with live music and special drink prices.

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