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ADD Drug Store

ADD Drug Store Athens GA

Wayne Edwards and Sam Horton established Athens Discount Drug Store, or ADD Drug Store, in the 5 Points neighborhood in 1961. Over the last 50 plus years, this little drug shoppe and sandwich bar grew to become a bustling community gathering spot. Known far and wide for eclectic gifts, postal service, household items, exceptional medical care and of course, the best lunch value in town, ADD Drug Store is a one stop shop for the 5 Points area.

The common theme throughout ADD Drug Store is friendly and personal service. From suggesting the perfect bulldog gift for graduation to knowing exactly how to prepare a pimento cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake to delivering prescriptions personally, the ADD Drug family takes pride in assuring everyone the best experience possible.

The Horton family recently handed over the reigns of ADD Drug to Kevin Florence. A graduate of the University of Georgia Pharmacy School, Florence is a young pharmacist that comes from a family of pharmacists and is fulfilling his goal of owning a small local drug store. Florence plans to retain the traditional charm of ADD Drug’s past while offering new services to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

Tradition and value will always be the cornerstone of ADD Drug Store, and it is also important to evolve with changes in order to continue to offer the type of pharmacy care that set the foundation in 1961. We will build on that foundation by constantly monitoring the pharmacy industry and implementing minor changes to increase patients’ access to our care, as well as offer a wide variety of healthcare services as healthcare evolves.

Special packaging for children or seniors, automatic prescription refills, and a variety of immunizations are additions that will provide a more complete, efficient and easier way to manage various illnesses. Not only will our patients have more options to choose from but also more ways to access them.

Online refill requests, text or email notifications, mobile phone applications, prescription delivery services and enhanced communication with doctors provide more ways to interact with patients. Though new advances in technology increase convenience, they also decrease personal interaction. We are always dedicated to face-to-face communication, and providing the best experience possible to our customers.

As healthcare continues to evolve and expand, it is important to remember the most valuable asset is the ability to talk directly to knowledgeable and respectful professionals like Hannah and Kevin. We encourage everyone to visit as much as possible to take advantage of our personable touch. If there isn’t a medical issue at hand, grabbing a quick lunch and catching up with friends is always a great option.

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